👋🏽 I'm kanishka sikri, a post-de-colonial feminist writer unravelling the multiple faces and forms of violence as a mundane language of our dominator culture so as to imagine worlds without its mutilating and genocidal bounds

I came to the study of violence because I was yearning to make sense of the messiness, the violence that unrolls its arms to every corner of our being, spreading its fingers and slowly enveloping us into its bounds. For violence is an amalgamation of power; its eyes and ears on an earthly, material plane.

Formally trained as an International Development Specialist at the Centre for Critical Development Studies located in the University of Toronto, I am known for my writing and cultural critique, public and academic talks, collaborative workshops and trainings, and critical development consultancy. While I believe tangible policy and practical development interventions have transformative power, its potential to tap into this energy is enlivened when threaded with critical research and theory, which is where I spend much of my time. With an emphasis on transnationally underpinned critical development and cultural studies, I enliven the restorative nature of anti-racist and intersectional means of knowing, pursuing multilayered roles as a researcher, trainer, consultant, and policy practitioner. Indeed, I influence transnational anti-violence dialogue from a decolonized bottom-up rather than top-down framework, provoking that improving the lives of others is inextricably bound to eliminating the multiple violence’s that constrain and suffocate us all.

My current areas of specialty for consulting, speaking, and facilitation locate violence in its numerous, often hidden faces including but not limited to: racialized violence; violence against women; sexual violence; climate violence; equity, diversity, and inclusion; anti-domination and anti-oppression; and decolonization.