I share educational theory, current issues analysis, and work to create accessible discourse about social justice education, with a particular focus on our post-de-colonial world.

I am a scholar-activist who is studying International & Critical Development Studies at the Centre for Critical Development Studies located at the University of Toronto Scarborough. I have additional training in Gender Equality & Sexual Diversity; Reconciliation through Indigenous Education; Global Citizenship; and Human Rights and Development. My work is heavily influenced through and by my most recent research focus on the historical tools and mechanisms through which oppression manifests in everyday systems such as modern state structures, social norms + power relations, educational institutions, and police/legal infrastructure.

My research is then a blend of scholarly theory and ethnographic journalism, in an attempt to move past the barriers of operating as either or. Additionally, the launch of my online publication, LOTTET has amassed over 1+ million views in the short time it has been up, and has been embedded in course curriculums, turned into workable courses and guides, and translated to different languages and mediums, including podcast versions. LOTTET covers a wide range of topics all revolving around the ways in which we all—scholar or not—can begin to deconstruct the Colonial Capitalist Supremacist Patriarchy we find ourselves engulfed in.