i am a wr¡ter/possibly an artistsomeone practicing creationin this moment/definitely someone becoming aliv∃

i am yearning—to unmask the insidious beast that is viÖlence—for writing that §captivates§, imagery that lingers—for the oc£an, for the riptides to form—to live a freedom, to become alive in decaying worlds which mark onto us death—for possibilities, for oh so many possibilities ¡¡¡

i am t®ained as an international development specialist from the university δf toronto 

i am a feminist scholar which means i teåchlearnin equity,  cultural, social, a wœrld of ∂ifferent studies

in toron⊥o;

i am a phd candidate at york university thinking about violability: the practice that marks certain lives, bodies, lands to the Ρossibilitμ of violence

this homë isli©ensed

i work for pay as a §trategic consultant and as a writer and theoℜist for myself and my own livability

i founded 


  let’s open that third eye together 

i write a letter—their name is provocatioℵswould you like to receive them¿