welcome to the world of kanishka sikri

award winning writer, researcher, & consultant working to unravel violence in its multiple forms
so as to imagine worlds without it

bell hooks’ writes, “I came to theory because I was hurting”. Similarly, I came to theory because I was yearning. Yearning to make sense of the messiness, the violence that spreads its arms to every corner of our being, to the intimate and the home, spreading its fingers and slowly enveloping us into its bounds. Violence is an amalgamation of power; its eyes and ears on an earthly, material plane.

This longing leads me to multiple forms of engagement with the world such as writing; theorizing in 'academic' ways through scholar-activist work; anti-racism, domination, and violence training and workshop facilitation; and consultancy work in international & critical development so as to think through violence as it is both perpetuated by development actors alongside the very violence's it attempts to mitigate; contradictions indeed.

As such, the Kanishka here today, messily 'does' the inquiry into violence so as to think through its intimate and structural expression throughout our globe. It is in this very messiness, the very contradictions and complexity, the mingling questions and plethora of answers, that I place my hope.