i have abandoned my socials for desecration given the nature of these platforms to consume and continually take and extract from what we share. they are indeed the epitome of capitalism; people create and share beautifully intimate work, and then large corporations make bank off that creation. yet, the nature of social media to provide glimpses into the intimate everydayness of what we do and how we do it, is quite resonating (even though it conditions our consciousness towards giving it attention). so i take all the ‘good’ parts that i see on social media, and create this arena titled musings, where i share images, videos, captions, words, thoughts, things that are making me think and that i’d love to share with you as if i was sharing on social media—but on my own terms.

this page is self destructing monthly, and is updated retroactively—meaning i update past entries from the ~~future~~. i take the provoking tidbits from here and turn them into a letter to you (aptly titled ‘provocations’) which becomes an archive of my musings from the past little while.

2021-03-23: what is love? bell hooks says that love is care, responsibility, knowledge, commitment, responsibility, and trust (6 pillars)

2021-03-22: and audre lorde writes, ‘i have died too many deaths that were not mine’

2021-03-20: how do we create physical and emotional environments that probe liberatory creation, what does it mean to cultivate space for radical imagination to take place in our daily rituals?

2021-03-18: i am scared for the world, but i am also hopeful. maybe that’s not the right word–i am so immersed in grief and pain, the notice of our struggle and collective immensity of loneliness and violence, that hope, imagination, the expression of possibilities beyond this, are all i can grasp onto.

2021-03-14: been thinking about this speech in the movie, anesthesia again and again and again: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=awmCtXzFsJo

2021-03-10: my journey to becoming a feminist, coming to the space of activism and theory, has been learning to learn from the radical black and brown generations before me.