a few words about my

speaking, facilitating, learning, consulting

i identify the gaps; ask the hard questions we know are necessary yet have trouble articulating

Any work that fundamentally challenges the crux and core features through which our lives are systematically manufactured and authorized to aid, abide, and uphold our colonial capitalist supremacist patriarchy, is bound to get criticism, censorship, and extreme, oftentimes threatening backlash. I am lucky however, to have found, and oftentimes had others find me, who value this dialogue. In one of the first teach-in's I had, I spoke about such discussion as "a space of reciprocal dialogue and intentional solidarity that forced wide open the political nature of our seemingly apolitical lives". I find that sentiment and description to echo through my work, regardless of its audience at a university, college, high school, workplace, consciousness raising group, teach-in, protest, march, rally, or strike.

Whether it be disentangling the ways structural violence manifests in intimate relations and codifies sexualities today, examining the multifaceted nature of labour and its de-legitimization at multiple axis of race, gender, and class relations, or (un)learning how our notions of freedom and liberation are intimately entangled with our socialization and grooming within unjust structures, I not only strive to make salient the matrixes of power as they operate by and through our day to day lives, but attend to offer insights and engage in situated dialogue that attempts to transgress, protest, oppose, and transfigure these relations so that we not only free ourselves, but us all.

While majority of my speaking engagements are based on my current research projects, consultancies, and community-based participatory initiatives, they are tailored for the specific climate, environment, and individual/collective needs that you and yours may hold. My current areas of specialty for consulting, speaking, and facilitation (all from a critical intersectional and postcolonial framework) include:

Violence Against Women & Gender Based Violence (as it is raced-classed-sexed)
Human Rights
Sustainable Development Goals (particularly their critiques)
Sex & Human Trafficking
Participatory Learning & Radical Pedagogy