i research1

i.e., COVID-19 Recovery Research Project: Digital Access, City of Toronto (2020)

Equity Framework for Alternative Assessment in Higher Education, Commonwealth of Learning (2021)

Reach Alliance, MasterCard Centre for Inclusive Growth (2019—2020)

i coordinate

i.e., Digital Humanities Research Coordinator, South Asian Oral History in Peel Project, University of Toronto Mississauga (2020—)

Managing Editor, What Would Ursula Franklin Say Series, McLuhan Centre for Culture & Technology (2020—)

Student & Community Coordinator, Hart House Global Commons (2021)

i speak

i.e., Gender Equality in Open Scholarship, 
United Nations (2022)

Radical Citation, 
Participedia (2021)

An Antiracism Feminist Cross-Generational Conversation with Beverly Bain, El Jones, and Kanishka Sikri, University of Toronto (2021)

i facilitate2

i.e., Socially Just Academia (2021)

Knowledge Equity Lab (2020-2021)

Youth Challenge International (2021-2022)

i consult3

i.e., Sustainable Development Goals: Public Health in Global History, Global Health Institute (2020)

Sexual & Reproductive Health Behavioural Change Strategy, Aga Khan Foundation Mozambique (2020)


1 these are some examples and are not exhaustive. it is impossible to discretely specify where one ‘area’ of research begins and the other ends—instead, i hope you can come to me with what you need and we can figure shit out/

2 i offer sliding scales for these things: please just ask/ 

3 i  am not interested in fabricating tools to end terror that do not take into account the structures that prescribe violence normalcy to operate. my work with you is built upon a strategic recognition of the structural deep roots and ribbons that tie violence into existence/